Nezihe Derya Baltalı Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi is located in Pamukkale, Denizli, Türkiye. It was founded in 2001, as one of the peer science and art centers in Turkey. It is a governmental institution that provides supplementary education to the gifted. Our students are aged between 8-18. We have 701 students both in arts and general intellectual ability. We carry out a project-based education and curriculum special to these pupils individually or in small groups of max 8.

Following contemporary trends and changes in education, all our teachers continuously work on their professional and personal development, visiting and organizing numerous seminars, trainings, presentations, participating in the preparation of various projects and competitions in the country, with the aim of providing high quality and more creative services to those for whom this institution exists, and these are our students.

For the same reason, the school is equipped with modern teaching and support tools, both in IT lab and in cabinets for: mathematics, biology, geography, chemistry, physics, informatics and robotics. There is a multimedia classroom, a festive hall, a media library, and the modernization of the other classrooms follows. We have interactive boards in all classrooms. We strive to enrich life in school with various creative and imaginative contents of educational, cultural, humanitarian and entertainment character. We do this through the realization of numerous sections, extra-curricular activities, national and international projects, participation in eTwinning projects that got National and European Quality Labels etc. The school was awarded eTwinning School Label in 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Nezihe Derya Baltali Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi is highly regarded for:

• A broad curriculum including career advice;

• The use of ICT tools to enhance the engagement of, and successful outcomes for students;

• Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Literacy and Numeracy;

• STEM project-based learning activities that can be tailored to meet your students’ needs.

STEM at Nezihe Derya Baltali Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi is committed to:

• Developing an engaging curriculum for STEM subjects;

• Providing teachers with relevant skills and resources to support student learning;

• Giving students opportunities to participate in activities, events and other initiatives;

• Increasing retention in STEM subjects;

• Developing pathways to post school employment and Careers in STEM industries.

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