Pamukkale University is a state university which was founded in 1992 in Denizli. Today with its 16 faculties, 6 institutes, 3 higher education schools and 15 vocational higher education schools, Pamukkale University is training, modern, knowledgeable, creative and enterprising young brains, who Turkey and the world need, in various fields such as medicine, engineering, economic sciences, science, social sciences, fine arts, educational sciences and technical education. Despite its short history, with its 60 000 students and 5 000 employees 1500 of whom are dynamic, open-minded and challenging academics; Pamukkale University has formed a modern education & instruction and service atmosphere. The university gives great importance to international studentinstructor exchange and international partnerships and has signed hundreds bilateral agreements with universities all around the world and more than sixty general cooperation agreements with Europe's and world's leading universities. Pamukkale University has completed successfully more than thirty Socrates and LLP programme projects (including Leonardo Da Vinci projects) and four Youth projects. Some projects from LLP program are still ongoing as well as new KA1 and KA2 projects from Erasmus+.

The Faculty of Education at Pamukkale hosts on of the leading centres for Science Teacher education in Turkey. The theoretical as well as applied courses that the Faculty offers enable prospective teachers to become professionals who are constantly in touch with recent scientific and technological developments and who have the willingness and capacity to apply these developments to their own teaching activities. The Faculty of Education also cooperates with the Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences to offer graduate programs which train students as prospective researchers and academics. In addition, the Faculty of Education is engaged in various research and consultation activities in relation to education, and for this purpose it cooperates with the Ministry of Education and with some private educational institutions.

Faculty of Engineering at Pamukkale University provides a modern academic environment supported by the state of the art facilities and highly skilled academic staff. Various national and international research projects conducted by academic staff provide significant contributions to the world of science and technology, and in addition, the results of these projects are being applied at local organizations, schools, and industries. Faculty of Engineering building has various laboratories equipped with high-tech experimental sets and rigs designed to provide an effective learning environment to its undergraduate students as well as laboratories for graduate students for their experimental research toward their masters and/or doctoral work.

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